tracing Pokemon Go

The future of the virtual universe based on augmented reality comes

Pokemon Go has blown up an online community of countries where the game has already appeared, and what will happen to China after the game actively discussing the network

But IT professionals certainly interesting network communications of applications:

  • DNS query
  • HTTP/HTTPS request
  • UDP packets and stream
  • and all others connections and requests
  • and how Pokemon Go responds to failures and collisions in network?

Our recommendations for the test lab:

  • Linux-based system as a router
  • Android smartphone
  • Wi Fi access point

Router and access point is configured to pass through a smartphone traffic, and install a simple DNS resolver for logging query to the name server

Download Pokemon Go for Android

While patching KDE under FreeBSD, armed tcpdump playing Pokemon Go: dump and save network traffic for further analysis

For check how the android application reacts to network quality, you can use the built-in Linux tools to emulate network problems


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